OMG: Penilla was so boring

Deban: If there are elevators in the Crystal Hall, this is the sort of music they should play in them. Save the stage for something more dramatic and memorable. The wind machines could double up as much needed air-conditioning.

Wiwi: So, um, I take it that Deban did not like the performance. Well, I have to agree. This put me to sleep. I like watching the stars—before I go to bed. The LED lighting is just too soothing. Maybe Latvia’s Anmary wasn’t so crazy after all putting up psychedelic mood lighting. In any event, I’m hoping that Pernilla has some surprises hidden underneath her massive dress, and that she’s going to unveil them during the next rehearsal. Otherwise count her out of the final.

Vebooboo: Well, it’s official. Pernilla must have won the death match in Amsterdam and stolen the rest of the green shower curtains that Eva Boto was wearing at Eurovision in Concert, because now she’s sporting a long-ass wedding-esque puke green thing during her number.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the random dancer removed from the staging, and even more pleasantly surprised to see a cute instrumentalist seated beside Pernilla. I suppose in light of the song style there isn’t much that the Finnish could do to spice things up, so let’s call it a day and say that Pernilla is on point. Her voice is unique, and she has a slim chance of making it through to the Final. If she does, I’m going to warn the IKEA in Baku because I’m sure she has a trip there planned to buy out their whole shower curtain section…


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Adam from California, USA
Adam from California, USA
12 years ago

Pretty song. But yeah, get rid of the green dress and move around stage a bit. Standing there still just comes off as boring. Even her cellist, rocking back and forth, puts you in a hypnotic sleep.