Wiwi: It looks like the recession has hit Montenegro hard. This morning Rambo Amadeus showed up in Baku with a wooden horse, seemingly painted by schoolchildren who have not yet perfected the art of coloring. He then stood in place while shouting into a microphone. “We are a bit neurotic about the big changes that are going on in the world right now,” Rambo said at a press conference afterwards of his song “Euro Neuro”. “There is a post-industrial informatic revolution going on, and we have to ask ourselves and others a lot of questions right now.”

Right. Wiwi has some questions of his own. 1) Will the second rehearsal feature some form of movement? I don’t expect Rambo to shake it like Eleftheria Eleftheriou, but a bit of motion would be awesome. And 2) Is Rambo going to change out of his street clothes? Given that his song is meant to diagnose the euro zone crisis, he might dress as a commoner to reflect the common man. That would make me sad, as I love Eurovision for the glitz, baby! Bring on the sequins.

Meows Kitty: I can’t make out any of the words that are coming out of Rambo’s mouth with the drums and blaring horns in the background. It’s just a bunch of random noise and rambling. The donkey that contributed to the fame of the song was also on stage, but it wasn’t a real one. I think the prop is completely useless if Rambo is not going to ride it.


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10 years ago

@Jess. Yeah, I suspect a Trojan connection, too. It would fit the subject matter nicely.

What I don’t understand is why he’s using musical instrument props.
I don’t see how the ‘live band’ stage act could possibly benefit the performance. He could put his six people to much better use than that. I’m hoping it’s part of a cunning plan.

Jess in London
Jess in London
10 years ago

It’s a cheap donkey, but it’s a cute donkey. A Trojan Donkey!