Hungary’s Compact Disco

Deban: Compact Dicso are a silent threat. “The Sound of Our Hearts” offends no one. The staging is very professional. LEDs in varying colours where moving lines were shown, forming beating hearts during the chorus. The costume elements will be in black, avoiding any possible distraction from the principles of why they’re in Baku. I happen to own a 9-remix CD of the track. Although the radio edit is my least favourite, it is the perfect pallet to suit all music tastes. With the rehearsals underway, Compact Disco are proving hat they are very experienced live musicians, delivering a credible adult-rock act in the Crystal Hall.

Wiwi: Finally: some professionals. Compact Disco are one of Hungary’s biggest acts, and their first rehearsal proved they know how to stage a concert. The LED complements the performance rather than distracting from it. And lead singer Csaba Walkó fills the arena with his powerful voice and fantastic English pronunciation. You cannot mock this group. Well, one might point out that Csaba’s pants are a little tight and that we can see the junk in his trunk, but that’s a minor point. I had written this group off during the Wiwi Jury Review, but now I’m changing my tune.


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