Wiwi: Along with Valentina Monetta, Izabo has the best LED backdrop of the day. The oversized clocks fit perfectly with their song’s story of a man trying to outwit time. There’s something very Austin Powers about all this. It’s quirky and offbeat and fun—a welcome change of pace from the dancers with spilling cleavage (Austria) and women shrieking while looking super serious (Cyprus). I love how the back-up vocalists sway and swim and generally have a good time. This song keeps growing on me, and I’m now hopeful we’ll see it in grand final.

Meows Kitty: There isn’t much difference between the live and studio version of this song, which is a good sign. The band has great on stage rapport with each other, and the distinctive voice of lead singer Ran Shem-Tov does not get drowned out by the instruments throughout the song. The stage set up is quite simple but effective, with warping clocks on the LED screen inscribed with the song title ‘Time.’ I can’t wait to see them in costume too!

Deban: This is a very promising rehearsal. I love the timepieces in the backdrop. It’s relevant and has great impact. The kooky delivery is fresh and provides a great departure from the Eurovision sea of ballads, and predictable pop. The simple choreography works too. With the right PR, we could be re-enacting the dance moves at the Euroclub in Baku. Whether Israel will qualify or not remains unclear. Only time will tell.


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