Deban: Beautiful song, but somewhat let down by the staging. (A tiny bit…). There are many fado moments in the song, but the instrumentation isn’t realised visually. This is where Serbia’s Zeljko Joksimovic excels. Shame they’re both in the same semi-final with similar ethnic/folk material. On a positive note, though, the backdrop is excellent. The rustic images of Portugal’s World Heritage City Porto and snapshots of Lisbon come alive on stage. Filipa Sousa looks happy. She sings from the heart, whilst her camp moves in unison. The Jury would be mad not to rate this song highly. The Portuguese delegation have worked so hard, and deserve a place in the final.

Wiwi: This song doesn’t really take me anywhere, but the staging does: I love that we’re transported to Old World Portugal with these stunning LED backdrops. Filipa cleans up really well, and is sizzling in yellow. I hope she keeps the colors bright on the big night. Although her entry isn’t one of my favorites, I could see it squeaking through the semi-finals if the camera angles help build suspense during the live broadcast. For now her act reads as very same-same throughout, and I get pretty bored pretty fast. But if the producers work their magic, I see a Top 10 finish (in the semis, anyway).


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9 years ago

I’m sure she’s a great singer, and the background is amazing.. But the song is just boring!