Vebooboo: Eurovision fans are fickle, and we operate on a supply-demand basis. Unfortunately for Maya Sar, there are way too many pretty girl singing slow songs this year. And I don’t need an MBA to know that too much supply means too little demand. Girl is not going to make the Finals unless her neighbouring countries all rally behind her, which I doubt will be the case. Pretty voice + pretty girl + minimalist staging = boring this year. Sorry, Bosnia, but you need to go.

Wiwi:  I get it Maya: you play the piano. I saw this in your photos for Eurovision’s Next Top Model. I saw this in your official music video. I see it in your rehearsal. It’s not enough to make up for your lackluster song.

Deban: WTF Mayar Sar?? Did you get the themes mixed up? ESC doesn’t stand for European Sedation Contest. How did you manage to stay awake during your own show? I know some of our readers love your work (most notably MoMo who rated you very highly on the Wiwi Jury comments page). But GIIRRL, look around you..Do you honestly think you’ll pull through? Vebooboo says, “Girl is not going to make the finals unless dot dot dot.” Correction Vebooboo. There is no caveat to this malarky! Girl is NOT going to make the finals. FULL STOP.


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