Turkish Airlines has been voted Europe’s best airline. They sure proved that to me the other day by providing me with juicy Eurovision content during my long-ass flight from Amsterdam to Baku. The airline’s in-flight magazine included a three-page spread on the nation’s ESC representative, Can Bonomo. You can read the full text by clicking here. Among other things we learn that:

a) Can Bonomo is well educated. He (or at least the journalist who transcribed the interview) uses sophisticated words and phrases like motifs, genre,  and statistically speaking
b) He admits that he never really listened to Eurovision much before this competition. Um, that is NOT inspiring, boo!
c) He describes his song as ‘new age Turkish sound’ and his general style as ‘Istanbul music.’ No offense, but that doesn’t really help me understand anything more…

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8 years ago

Sabina Babayeva from azerbaijan is the best! She will win this year’s Eurovision Song Contest! Vote for Azerbaijan!