Kurt Calleja’s PR team has been seriously hard at work. Malta may be tiny, but it has big aspirations this year to prove that this is their night. While we at WiwiBloggs.Com aren’t so convinced by the song’s chances of fulfilling Kurt Calleja’s dreams, we do appreciate his PR team’s efforts to create a buzz around its pudgy star.

Last month they staged the world’s largest Eurovision dance party. And, as you can read in the press release below, Kurt did a bit of a random sightseeing in Istanbul en route to Baku hoping to capture the Turkish vote. He should have taken Valentina Monetta along with him, because she made it clear to us recently that she hasn’t seen much of the world.

Press Release

1 Monday 14 May 2012

Kurt Calleja Arrives in Baku, Azerbaijan for the first Eurovision rehearsal on stage.

The very early morning departure from Malta saw Kurt Calleja and the Maltese delegation travel to Istanbul, Turkey with Airmalta.

At the airport the delegation was greeted by Mr Reuben Gauci, the Maltese Diplomat in Istanbul. Mr Gauci together with an Azeri travel agent hosted the whole delegation for a half day tour around the city that bridges two continents; Europe and Asia.

The short stroll around the city included a visit to the famous Blue Mosque, also known as Sultan Ahmet Mosque and a little walk around the old town. We have taken a short comment from Kurt himself “This is my second time in Istanbul and I already feel at home. It is always a pleasure to come back. Here I met with Can Bonomo and his wonderful team as well as many Turkish fans a few weeks ago. Certainly, I look forward to visit this beautiful city again in the near future”.

The delegation left from Istanbul to Baku later in the afternoon. On board of the same aircraft there were two other delegations from Serbia and Bulgaria as well as a number of journalists and fans.

Kurt Calleja and the band will experience the Eurovision stage tomorrow morning for the first rehearsal.

Kurt Calleja will perform This Is The Night in the fourth position on Thursday 24th May, 2012. We wish the Maltese team the very best of luck during this unique experience at the Eurovision Song Contest.