We launched our semi-final prediction polls on March 18. Since then Wiwi’s readers have cast a total of 15,514 votes to to determine who will win the first and second semi-finals at ESC 2012. In our fourth update, we see that Greece’s Eleftheria Eleftheriou, Cyprus’ Ivi Adamou, and Romania’s Mandinga remain in control of the first semi-final. Sweden’s Loreen and Serbia’s Zeljko Jokismovic remain the only contestants with a shot of winning the second semi-final. Can they hold on in the final days of our poll?

First Semi-Final Standings

A total of 8,062 votes have been cast in the poll for the first semi-final. It closes at noon Baku time (8am London) on Monday, May 21.

Contestant Votes %
1. Greece: Eleftheria Eleftheriou with “Aphrodisiac” 1,244 15.43%
2. Cyprus: Ivi Adamou with “La La Love” 1,042 12.92%
3. Romania: Mandinga with “Zaleilah” 999 12.39%
4. Ireland: Jedward with “Waterline” 745 9.24%
5. Montenegro: Rambo Amadeus with “Euro Neuro” 744 9.23%
6. Albania: Rona Nisliu with “Suus” (Personal) 690 8.56%
7. Iceland: Gréta Salóme & Jónsi with “Mundu eftir mér” (Remember me) 487 6.04%
8. Russia: Buranovskiye Babushki with “Party for Everybody” 384 4.76%
9. Denmark: Soluna Samay with “Should’ve Known Better” 374 4.64%
10. Switzerland: Sinplus with “Unbreakable” 249 3.09%
11. Hungary: Compact Disco with “Sound of Our Hearts” 191 2.37%
12. Finland: Pernilla Karlsson with “När jag blundar” (When I close my eyes) 174 2.16%
13. Latvia: Anmary with “Beautiful Song” 166 2.06%
14. Israel: Izabo with “Time” 138 1.71%
15. Belgium: Iris with “Would You?” 118 1.46%
16. Moldova: Pasha Parfeny with “Lautar” 117 1.45%
17. Austria: Trackshittaz with “Woki mit deim Popo” 112 1.39%
18. San Marino: Valentina Monetta with “Facebook Uh, Oh, Oh” 88 1.09%


Second Semi-Final Standings

Wiwi’s readers have cast a total of 7,452 in our poll to determine who will win the second semi-final. This poll closes on Wednesday, May 23 at noon Baku time (8am London).

Contestant Votes %
1. Sweden: Loreen with “Euphoria” 1,993 26.74%
2. Serbia: Zeljko Joksimovic with “Nije ljubav stvar” (Love is not an object) 1,565 21%
3. Turkey: Can Bonomo with “Love me Back” 460 6.17%
4. Bosnia: Maya Sar with “Korake ti znam” (I Know Your Steps) 447 6%
5. Netherlands: Joan Franka with “You and Me” 383 5.14%
6. Norway: Tooji with “Stay” 379 5.09%
7. Slovenia: Eva Boto with “Verjamem” (I believe) 302 4.05%
8. Croatia: Nina Badric with “Nebo” 289 3.88%
9. Bulgaria: Sofi Marinova with “Love Unlimited” 239 3.21%
10. FYR Macedonia: Kaliopi with “Crno i belo” 204 2.74%
11. Portugal: Filipa Sousa with “Vida minha” (Life of Mine) 198 2.66%
12. Malta: Kurt Calleja with “This is the Night” 191 2.56%
13. Ukraine: Gaitana with “Be My Guest” 189 2.54%
14. Estonia: Ott Lepland with “Kuula” 149 2%
15. Belarus: Litesound with “We Are the Heroes” 148 1.99%
16. Lithuania: Donny Montell with “Love is Blind” 145 1.95%
17. Slovakia: Max Jason Mai with “Don’t Close Your Eyes” 144 1.93%
18. Georgia: Anri Jokhadze with “I’m a Jocker” 27 0.36%

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8 years ago

Albania 2013

8 years ago

Albania Nr1 😛

vote for rona nishliu pleASE

8 years ago


8 years ago


8 years ago

to that woman or man who said that kurt is gay ur so wrong maybe ur a woman or a man that u wish to go out with kurt or maybe ur a f—–g shemale . so dont judge people . go kurt u have a nice song and evrybody knows it no matter what happen .one think for shure u made the biggest eurovision dance this year people go and whatch it on tube and engoy it good luck europe from malta

Nick from Australia
Nick from Australia
8 years ago

Please vote for your favourites
Semi 1; http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/rsvp/40981/zmZTK
Semi 2; http://tummiweb.com/scorewiz/rsvp/41199/8nTVP
vote like eurovision