Bulgaria’s Sofi Marinova

Vebooboo: Ok, let me start out with the positives. I love this song.  I really do.  And more importantly, I love what the lyrics stand for.  If you haven’t read them, make sure to check them out now. Sofi’s song is all about tolerance and love — exactly what Eurovision stands for.  So A+ for the inner-depths of Sofi’s songs. Unfortunately, that is where my positivity stops. Sofi forgets that Eurovision is a live event where viewers and jury also vote on the basis of staging. Um, there is no staging here. Flourescent LED lighting does not interesting staging make. Especially when Sofi just stands in the same place during the entire three minutes. Sofi, have you learned nothing from the staging flop that was Kati Wolf last year? Were you not watching the show? Sadly this is going to be another Kati Wolf Moment (KWM). I ain’t holding my breath for Bulgaria to advance. Tolerance is a great thing, but it doesn’t buy you tickets to Saturday’s final.

Wiwi: The last time I saw a woman with a tattoo in hot pants dancing in front of flourescent lighting, it was not at a musical event and there were lots of men throwing one dollar bills at her. The same pole dancer effect comes through in Sofi’s performance of her Gypsy electronica song “Love Unlimited.” Sadly for her I don’t have any one dollar bills on me, and I’m certainly not giving her any of my douze points. Next.


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[…] have, at times, hated on her too. Comments were made that her outfit might encourage people to throw dollar bills at her as if she were performing in a strip […]