Italy’s Nina Zilli

Wiwi: First comes the rise—and then comes the fall. For weeks bookies have been bigging up Nina Zilli—Italy’s answer to Amy Winehouse. Sadly, her first rehearsal left her looking and sounding like an Amy Winehouse tribute act. The fantastic choreography and visual feast we saw in her official music video for “L’Amore E’Femmina” (Out Of Love) have been left in Rome. What’s left is a sorry shadow of this song’s potential. It’s great that Nina shakes her hips to the “boom, boom, boom.” And it’s cute how she feigns shooting someone. But where are the male back-up dancers? Where is the whiff of testosterone?

Deban: I have a question for Nina Zilli. Why is she wearing a scarf in baking Baku? Is she trying to conceal an adam’s apple? I know it’s the first rehearsal, and it’s all about giving the first impression. This first impression isn’t leaving a good impression on me. Disappointing backdrop. It looks like a high end school paper-cut project.  So many other themes could have been projected on stage. Even the words ‘BOOM BOOM BOOM’ could have been highlighted in synch with the lyrics. The choice of dancers and backup singers also leaves a lot to be desired. For a start I wasn’t expecting any other females to share the stage with her. She should have been the sole object of male attention in her 3 minute set. Italy has a lot of work to do to bring this song up to par. I hope the Italian delegation pay attention to the constructive criticism before the final. They shouldn’t let the bookmakers down.


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The problem is that the song required a chorus, so Nina could not bring the five dancers on stage. Sure, I expected more from this rehearsal, and I am very disappointed … I hope that with second rehearsal will change something!