In her Eurovision entry “Be My Guest,” Gaitana repeats the phrase “be my guest” 12 times. Just in case you didn’t understand what she meant, she explained that she wants you to come to her country—and be her guest—in our interview with her back in March. Since then she has repeated that idea at nearly every press conference she has appeared at. True to form, she once again demonstrated her hospitality when speaking with WiwiBloggs.Com’s Deban Aderemi following the second semi-final press conference on May 24. The Congolese-Ukrainian beauty told us that she’d like to record her song in French, Ukrainian, Russian and Lingala so that “people everywhere can understand my message.” It’s coming through loud and clear, and we love it. We will be your guest. And we will sleep in your bed, and eat all of your food, and wear all of your clothes. Love, WiwiBloggs.Com


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Miss saHHara
10 years ago

i loooooooove her. ‘you can my guesssssssssst’ lol she is sweet alright!

Mama Opi
Mama Opi
10 years ago

MESSAGE to all the ROCK fans: Crno i belo is the ONLY SONG in the contest with rock elements. VOTE SATURDAY night for KALIOPI 22. ROCK ON!!!!