Turkey’s Can Bonomo won the hearts of Eurovision fans by dressing up as a pirate and searching for booty on the seven seas. His quirky sound and playful showmanship helped take Turkey back into the Top 10 after voters knocked the country out in the semi-finals in 2011. “It was a privilege to be in the Eurovision 2012,” he told our ace reporter Deban Aderemi the day after the Eurovision final. “It was so much fun. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. Next year I’m definitely going to watch it at home.”

Can Bonomo speaks with Deban Aderemi from WiwiBloggs.Com:

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10 years ago

I have not watched the video posted here, but one thing I can say: he did not deserve 7th place and Turkey always takes much better place than they should – too much diaspora everywhere in Europe. Together with Russia, they are actually one of the top 10 that did not deserve the place in my opinion.

10 years ago

i lvoe you can…..i’m your biggest fan!!!!