Sofi Marinova did her best to look like a street walker. Joan Franka resembled an albino Native American. And Jedward looked like the offspring of Michael Jackson and an alien. But in the end it was Albania’s Rona Nishliu who scared the fashion police the most. That’s according to our friends at the House of Eurovision, who every year honor the contestant who dreams up the most appalling sartorial nightmare with its “Barbara Dex Award.” Named after Barbara Dex, the Belgian contestant who made her own dress in 1993, it’s become synonymous with f-ugly. You will not find any of the winners of Eurovison’s Next Top Model on this list.

Rona’s styling linked several horror stories together. First, her futuristic gown looked like something Queen Amidala would have worn in Star Wars if she got dressed after smoking a bag of crack. Second, Rona knows Europe is gripped in a recession so she chose to use one of her dreadlocks as a necklace. Throw in some shrieking and you’ve a seriously scary sister.

complete results

  1. Albania – Rona Nishliu (829)
  2. Ireland – Jedward (551)
  3. Bulgaria – Sofi Marinova (232)
  4. The Netherlands – Joan Franka (163)
  5. Ukraine – Gaitana (145)
  6. Denmark – Soluna Samay (82)
  7. Turkey – Can Bonomo (76)
  8. Sweden – Loreen (66)
  9. Bosnia & Herzegovina – Maya Sar (62)
    San Marino – Valentina Monetta (62)

Watch Rona in action:

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Well she won 5th place in the final, so I don’t think she gives a damn about this “clothes” award. Nevertheless the clothes and necklace were horrible and I was no fan of her hairstyle either.
But Deban is celebrating and he proved me wrong in not believing in Rona’s qualification, so there are at least 2 people celebrating her success: herself & Deban 🙂


Why is Loreen on 8th place? Her clothes were awesome!!