Every year more than 1,000 journalists travel from all over Europe and gather inside the Eurovision press center. It’s ground zero for the latest news, gossip and scandal in Eurovision Nation. As such, we thought we’d give you a quick tour of the facilities in Baku to see where we produced most of our posts. Vebooboo is not a professional tour guide. You may notice that as he suggests places to cruise and places to make out inside the Eurovision press center. Don’t worry, people: his bark is worse than his bite. I can assure you that Vebooboo spent 90% of his time working, and the other 10% eating baklava. Anyway, enjoy. And if you like what you see then why not join the Wiwi Team in Sweden next year?

Part I: The Azeris buy a lot of computers, a journalist suggests that Iceland can win ahead of the first semi-final, and lots of people are busy, like, working.

Part II: Vebooboo heads to the press cafeteria to eat some baklava.