Gaitana has the heels. Now she wants the football club

Happy, clappy Gaitana—our favorite Congolese-Ukrainian singer—has released yet another gooey and uplifting track. Rather than asking us to be her guest, she’s now directing her attention to raising our self-esteem. Cue her new song “You Are the Champion,” released just in time to support the men competing at Euro 2012.

Gaitana and ball

Her p.r. team e-mailed WiwiBloggs.Com the following statement, which explains why Gaitana wanted to get involved.

In spite of her femininity and creativity Gaitana is a very enthusiastic football fan. In preparation for the international soccer championship, the Ukrainian singer was awarded ‘The Official Friend of Euro 2012’ title. The author of many anthems for public celebrations and sporting events, Gaitana has a personal T-shirt of the Ukrainian national soccer team and leads an active social life participating in the largest UNICEF’s events and initiatives. This summer, the singer is taking an active part in the grandest events of Euro 2012 rocking the best music venues of the international tournament.

Gaitana presents “You Are the Champion,” the song she wrote specially for all national teams and fans of the countries participating in Euro 2012. Gaitana was inspired by the Klitschko brothers, with whom she had organized many social and sporting events within the European championship.

‘My dear friends! I’m honored to present you You Are the Champion, my new song, which I’d like to dedicate to all football teams taking part in Euro 2012 and to all fans. I hope this song will inspire and cheer you up. We’re all champions in this World, each of us deserves to be a winner, so believe in yourselves and never stop trying to reach your goals!’ – she said.

Gaitana’s enthusiasm for soccer is evident in these new PR photos

Always original, Gaitana also sent us photographs of her holding soccer balls. We love them. The YouTube video of the song isn’t up yet, but Team Wiwi has listened to the .mp3. It’s less danceable than “Be My Guest,” but features equally saccharine lyrics. “You have proved to all the people you’re the #1,” she says. “You didn’t surrender, you held out till the end.”

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11 years ago

Yep, he’s managing the Ukrainian side Shakhtar Donetsk 🙂

11 years ago

That is the Romanian coach Mircea Lucescu :).