By now you’ve all seen the jury and televoting results from the grand final of Eurovision 2012. They give you a hint of who the jury hurt, but they don’t give you a clear sense of how severe the bloodbath was for some contestants. So Team Wiwi has pulled out its spreadsheet and ranked the jury’s victims in order of how much the jury hurt them. A negative number means that the jury hurt a contestant’s overall score. That contestant would have received a higher final score if the jury system had never been introduced. In the case of Sweden’s Loreen, the fact that the jury gave her fewer points than the public doesn’t really matter: she had the highest score with both groups anyway.

As you can see, Russia’s Buranovskiye Babushki paid a price for being tone deaf. There was a 238-point difference between the televoting score and the jury score. Turkey’s Can Bonomo, who spoke with WiwiBloggs.Com the morning after the final, was the second most screwed. Ireland’s Jedward, Romania’s Mandinga and Serbia’s Zeljko Joksimovic also saw the jury eat away at their total.

Other contestants should consider sending the jury flowers. Chief among them is Spain’s Pastora Soler, who benefited the most from the jury’s kindness (+109). Other thankful artists include Italy’s Nina Zilli (+101), Ukraine’s Gaitana (+88) and France’s Anggun (+85).

Who the Jury Hurt Most:

Final Place Country Jury Televote Difference
2 Russia 94 332 -238
7 Turkey 50 176 -126
20 Ireland 14 89 -75
12 Romania 53 117 -64
1 Sweden 296 343 -47
3 Serbia 173 211 -38
4 Azerbaijan 118 151 -33
17 Greece 60 89 -29
8 Germany 98 125 -27
25 United Kingdom 11 36 -25
13 FYR Macedonia 69 79 -10
26 Norway 24 16 8
24 Hungary 30 20 10
14 Lithuania 82 68 14
18 Bosnia & Herz 71 57 14
19 Iceland 53 39 14
15 Cyprus 85 63 22
11 Moldova 104 75 29
22 Denmark 51 18 43
5 Albania 157 106 51
21 Malta 70 10 60
6 Estonia 152 78 74
23 France 85 0 85
16 Ukraine 125 37 88
9 Italy 157 56 101
10 Spain 154 45 109

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David Thielen
9 years ago

The tele-vote is more volatile than the jury vote. So part of those differences is that the jury did not swing as much between those they loved and those they didn’t. No idea why that is but a lot of the smaller differences can be laid to this lower volatility.

9 years ago

WOW – Anggun got ZERO points in televoting! This is very telling. Hope France draws some useful conclusions 🙂

9 years ago

Poor Tooji. I still don’t understand why Norway failed so miserably. Not to mention that “Stay” had the same songwriter as “Euphoria”, Peter Boström. I thought it was a very catchy, Eurovisiony song, and it looked good on stage. Maybe it’s because Tooji can’t sing to save his life, bless him?

9 years ago

Nice. Thanks for posting! I do have one comment to make, RE Loreen. On paper it looks like the jury brought her down because her televote score was much higher than her jury score. But when you think about it, the jury actually *helped* her have such a runaway victory. She barely beat the Babushki in the televote and the real difference was with the jury. The jury liked her and didn’t like the Babushki, she went u-u-u-u-u-up because she had the backing of both jury and voters, and the Babushki suffered because only the voters had strong (good) feelings… Read more »