Long before Anggun became the face of Eurovision 2012 in France, she was already the head of Pantene shampoo in Indonesia. An Anggunesian (that’s a fan of Anggun, y’all!) directed Wiwi to the following commercials. It’s pretty timely. Just a few weeks ago a video parody suggested that Anggun’s magic lies in her lovely locks. Anyway, let’s take a tour with her silky smooth black hair.

In this commercial from 2009, Anggun promotes Pantene anti-dandruff shampoo. The thought of her ever having dandruff is kind of laughable. She is too perfect for that! We love how she tries to pull off her scalp with a piece of string. Wiwi does not speak Indonesian, so has no clue what’s going on with that one.

Here Anggun promotes two Pantene shampoos: One is an anti-dandruff shampoo, and the other one is a “hair fall control” shampoo.

In this commercial Anggun whips her hair all around and promises that Pantene will lead to “rambut rontok berkurang hanya dalam 1 minggu.” That’s decreased hair loss in just one week. Duh!

Finally, Anggun discusses being a Pantene hair ambassador in 2010. The only word I understand is “product,” which is something Anggun knows how to push!

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xandre lee
xandre lee
11 years ago

Anggun not only act as a brand ambassador for Pantene but also for P&G other brands such as OLAY & Oral-B Mouthwash
She’s also brand ambassadors for ANLENE milk and AUDEMARS PIGUET swiss luxury watch