Ivi Adamou got seriously screwed at Eurovision—and not just by the jury and televoters. The Cypriot beauty—who should have made the Top 10 with “La La Love”—finished a respectable, albeit disappointing, 16th in the grand final. But even more annoying to Wiwi was watching the following footage of her semi-final performance. Her act had the hottest choreography at Eurovision 2012, but much of it was blocked by the obnoxious fan waving his over-sized Russian flag. The constant intrusion of the red, white, and blue makes it hard to fully appreciate the bam, pop, wow of Ivi and her sizzling dancers.

I can’t remember examples from past contests where flag-waving has been so in-your-face and in-the-camera. Perhaps officials should have elevated the stage somewhat higher to prevent the blockage. And maybe it would have been a good idea to confiscate flags over a certain size from fans seated so close to the front.

I feel bad for Cyprus. I feel bad for Ivi. But most of all I feel bad for myself: when I watch the YouTube video years later I want to remember the act in all its glory.

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