Malmö, the hate crime capital of Sweden, has been named host city of Eurovision 2013. When the shock subsides, all y’all need to lift your jaws from the floor and cancel the hotel rooms you booked in Stockholm.

Martin Österdahl, the executive producer of the 2013 contest, told Eurovision.TV that it wasn’t easy choosing between Stockholm and Malmö. “We chose Malmö because there is a very good infrastructure and we have good experience of holding Melodifestivalen [the Swedish national selection] and the Eurovision Song Contest there,” he said. “The choice of Malmö is based on an overall assessment of the environment in which we think is best for the format of the Eurovision Song Contest, both in terms of TV shows and on the preparations.”

Malmö—population 664,000—has experience hosting Europe’s biggest non-sporting event. It previously staged Eurovision in 1992. Fortunately Eurovision guests now have an easy way out of the city. In 2000 the Swedes and the Danes built the Øresund bridge, a road-and-rail passageway connecting Malmö and Copenhagen. We will watch shows in Sweden. We will party in Denmark.

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11 years ago

Eurovision 2013 in Malmo – no jews need apply!