Sieneke’s new album “Eindeloos” (Endless) confirms that she lives in the past, more precisely in the late 70’s. It’s as if she is striving to prove that her failure to qualify for the Grand Final at Eurovision with her dated number “Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-la-lie)” was some kind of fluke. Her new tunes are as dated—and they even make ABBA sound progressive!

It is astounding and rather sad that such a young singer—Sieneke was born in the 90’s—can sound so old. Each of the album’s 12 songs hail back to an era long before the invention of e-mail. Sure, the older generation might enjoy her sound because it reminds them of their youth. But I refuse to believe that Sieneke has any fans her own age. The old-fashioned music and uber-naïve lyrics are so hilarious, I sometimes wonder if Sieneke is actually just kidding—and laughing all the way to the bank.

Take, for instance, the first single off the album, “Hé Lekkerding” (“Hey Cutie”), which is accompanied by an equally ridiculous video. Filmed in sunny Turkey, it gives a new meaning to “easy listening.”

The tortoise, the turquoise outfit, the underage kid, the kiss on the cheek…Can you spell kitsch? I knew that the Netherlands was famous for its cheese, but really! It kind of explains why the country is faring so badly at Eurovision. Put on your wooden clogs and walk away from the past, Dutchies!

Love, Europe.

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12 years ago

Is it wrong that I loved everything about this?