participated for Czech Republic in 2009

Apparently the Czechs haven’t forgotten their many Eurovision failures—or perhaps Malmö’s crime rate has scared them off. Either way the country’s state broadcaster CT has confirmed that we won’t see the asymmetric Czech tricolor flag waving at Eurovision 2013.

In 2009, the last time Prague braved ESC, their act  received ‘nul points’ in its semi-final. Subsequently the Czechs have shown no interest in Eurovision—perhaps a consequence of all the anger and shame they experienced in the months following their last effort. It’s understandable that the Slavic country won’t participate in the contest the next year. But there’s even a chance that CT won’t broadcast the show at all. Shame on you, Czech Republic!

The Czech Republic is among the poorest-performing countries in the history of Eurovision. They have collected only 10 points in three turns at Eurovision.

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