By now you’ve all seen 11-time Olympic champion Ryan Locthe struggling to answer questions during interviews. At first Wiwi assumed it was all the chlorine fumes. But now that pics of Lochte leaving a club in the middle of the night have emerged, we’re starting to think he can’t answer questions because he is exhausted from late nights out on the town.

The 28-year old stud, whose pecs are the size of a Chinese gymnast, spent Saturday evening at Chinawhite—a super-exclusive club at 4 Winsley Street. Still buzzing from the 4 x 100 silver medal in the 100m freestyle, Locthe danced the night away with his teammates Nathan Adrian, Cullen Jones and Tyler Clary. The Daily Mail reports that Locthe downed £500 bottles of Patron Tequila and magnums of Belvedere vodka. Is that the secret to his abs?