Scandinavian countries share a lot of things, including a love of peace, minimalist furniture, and Eurovision. Based on the following video, it looks like they share musical inspirations, too.

Gloria, a Wiwi reader in Belgium, has come to us with accusations that Reidum Saether, who made it to the finals of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix in 2012, sang a song that heavily mirrored the structure of Charlotte Perrelli’s “Hero,” which represented Sweden at Eurovision 2008.

That’s right, people. There are those out there who believe one diva copied another, that one big-breasted Norwegian has ripped of a Swedish legend. But before you start pointing fingers at dear Reidun, y’all need to remember that she just sang the song. Thomas G:son wrote it. As you know, the man behind “High on Love” is also behind several of the most high-profile Eurovision plagiarism scandals in history.

Watch the videos below, and then let us know what you think.

Reidun performs “High on Love” at Melodi Grand Prix 2012:

Charlotte Perrelli performs “Hero” at Eurovision 2007:

Compare the songs:



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10 years ago

OMG, I’m shoking.