The Republic of Georgia takes Junior Eurovision very seriously, so we weren’t surprised when its 2012 contestants—the FUNKIDS—released high fashion promotional images. A team of Tbilisi’s finest fashion designers, hairdressers and make-up artists have spent a lot of time ripping holes into denim and gluing up mohawks to give these kids a decidedly edgy look. Their wheels are part Prince Purple Rain, part Downton Abbey, and totally now. And we thought Georgia’s 2010 contestant Baby Gaga was out-there.

Georgia, which won Junior Eurovision last year with five teens in faux-afros, is sticking to its winning formula. It won with a group last year. It’s fielding a group this year. Last year it won with a song called “Candy Music.” This year it whets our appetite with “Funky Lemonade.” Georgia Public Broadcasting released the studio version of the group’s entry this morning, and we’re happy to share it with you now.

Does it make you thirsty? Does it have a shot in 2012? Let us know people!