Panamanian correspondent Mr Häggkvist listened to Egor Zheshko and suddenly found himself thinking of spaghetti and Donatella Versace. Here’s what he had to say about Belarus’ JESC 2012 contestant.

Saluti a tutti i lettori di WiwiBloggs… maybe I’m kinda crazy today, but everytime I listen this song, I just get that Italian feeling. But guess what: “A more, more” is actually Belarusian!

Twelve-year old Egor is a little man with a big task in front of him. Belarus, which has won Junior Eurovision twice, is the de facto king at JESC.  Fortunately this isn’t his first big contest. Last year he made it to the semi-finals of New Wave, and also sang his heart out at the “Europe Cup.” He was also a finalist to represent Belarus at the 2011 Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Yerevan, but it was the gorgeous Lydia who earned the ticket.

With all that behind him, Egor will perform “A More-More” in Amsterdam. At first I thought he was a cheeky chap singing about love in Italian. Alas. “A More-More” is Belarusian and it means “O Sea Sea.” Yes, my eyes just glazed over too.

In the national final, he gave an energetic performance accompanied by two child dancers who brought a distinctive 40’s vibe. It worked, so I’m pretty sure that his Junior Eurovision presentation will be similar to his presentation at the national final.

This could make the top 5, though it won’t go higher than third. It will be interesting to see if he can come anywhere close to beating Lerika—the Moldovan-Russian star singing “Sensatsiya” and Team Wiwi’s early favorite.

Reasons the song works:

1. It’s full of energy

2. The “A More-More” is repetitive, and that will get stuck in people’s heads.

3. Egor has a good voice, and he’s a good performer.

And reasons why it doesn’t work:

1. Outside of the chorus this song is pretty boring.

2. “Bringing the 40’s back” is overdone at Junior Eurovision (Malta 2008, Russia 2010, Macedonia 2011).

3. The couple dancing behind Egor are really cute, but in some way it’s way more entertaining that Egor is singing Amore Amore Amore more more more. Ditch the kiddies in the background, please!

4. The kid needs a haircut and a different outfit for Amsterdam.

Mr Häggkvist