Yesterday at 5pm, Stella Mwangi posted the video of her new single “Shut It Down” on her Facebook fan page, along with this message: “I do it baby…I SHUT SHIT DOWN!” Yes. This is the same woman who sang about her grandma at Eurovision 2011.

Since getting the boot during the semi-finals that year, Stella has edged herself out. She shaved the sides of her head, wrote some seriously gangsta lyrics, and took to Instagram to give all of us the middle finger (see above). Sheesh. Wiwi actually voted for you, so can you please send me some love?

Anyway, Stella’s new single sees her dancing on a rooftop, and thrusting in front of barrels of kerosene. She delivers poetic lines like, “When I get it on/ I never get it wrong…I shut shit down/ That’s what I do/ I shit shit down/ I do it baby…”

What do y’all think of Stella’s new video?