Panamanian correspondent Mr Häggkvist listened to “Let the Music Win” by Israel’s Junior Eurovision entry, and he’s still in tears. Can someone pass the tissue?

Russia’s Lerika finally has some competition. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. Until yesterday I was sure that Lerika—the pocket-sized pop star who Russia is recycling from last year’s contest—would breeze to victory in Amsterdam. But the grand unveiling of the Israeli entry has just blown my assumptions away like a Mossad agent with a bazooka.

Honestly, I didn’t expect this from Israel. Their selections for the adult Eurovision always fall flat and play it a bit too safe. But their inaugural entry to Junior Eurovision has avoided that trap. In fact, this feel-good dance number—which could easily be the theme song to a UNICEF commercial or the Miss Universe pageant—may be one of the greatest songs ever heard in the contest.

Producers spent the last four months working on “Let The Music Win.” It  will be sung by a group of girls (Libi Panker, Adi Bity, Adel Korshov, Tali Sorokin and Adi Mesilati) who would look amazing on a United Colors of Benetton advertisement, and by a boy named Daniel Pruzansky who wears an earring. The group’s name refers to Israel’s international domain suffix, which is .il.

What I like about the song:

1. This is an anthem—a torch song that touches on the universal issue of music.

2. The diversity in the group is lovely. It’s a reminder of peace in a country full of division and surrounded by conflict. This song is, no doubt, about the freedom that comes with peace.

3. To win in Amsterdam they merely need to look as cute on the stage as they do in this video. They have great voices and the melody is pure beauty. Can anyone say that about the Republic of Georgia’s “Funky Lemonade”?

4. I like the change of rhythm in the middle of the song. A full ballad would be boring in any language. A full dance number wouldn’t have been able to compete with Lerika’s “Sensatsiya.” So it’s brilliant that there’s this change: it really helps the song along.

What I’m worried about:

1. I really hope that politics and bloc voting won’t affect this beautiful song. Western countries like Sweden, Belgium, and Netherlands only have each other to vote for, whereas Russia’s Lerika will have the entire Eastern Bloc.

2. They perform sixth on the big night, between Russia and Albania. If Russia blows Europe away, the audience may not be in their seats to hear sweet Israel!

Who knows how this will all turn out. The important thing is that the best music should win. Let the music win!

Mr Häggkvist

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I love this song so much!

But I think Lerika wil win 😉

William Lee Adams

Lerika is such a diva! I think that’s what appeals to me. But the moment she turns into an adult I’m leaving her fan base! Azerbaijan’s song is seriously amazing!


I, being the weird me again, didn’t get Lerika’s appeal AT ALL. But this is purely amazing. I really, really, want this to win. And if this can’t, my next options are Azerbaijan (yup), Albania or Netherlands.


“We Are the World” — with attitude! 🙂