JESC 2012 in Amsterdam is just around the corner. Before the confetti falls and the Kool-Aid flows on December 1, you can get acquainted with each of this year’s contestants by watching their official preview videos below. Just click on the links that follow. Participants are listed in the order in which they will perform, as determined by the running order draw which was conducted earlier this month.

1. Belarus: Egor Zheshko with “A more-more” (O sea, sea)

2. Sweden: Lova Sonnerbo with “Mitt mod” (My courage)

3. Azerbaijan: Suada Alakbarova & Omar Sultanov with “Girls and Boys”

4. Belgium: Fabian with “Abracadabra”

5. Russia: Lerika with “Sensatsiya” (Sensation)

6. Israel: with “Let the Music Win”

7. Albania: Igzidora Gjeta with “Kam Një Këngë Vetëm Për Ju” (I have a song just for you)

8. Armenia: Compass Band with “Sweetie Baby”

9. Ukraine: Anastasiya Petryk with “Nebo” (The Sky)

10. Georgia: The Funkids with “Funky Lemonade”

11. Moldova: Denis Midone with “Toate vor fi” (All will be)

12. The Netherlands: Femke Meines with “Tik Tak Tik”

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David Thielen

What’s with the blatant phallic imagery in the logo? And for the kids contest???