Amaury Vassili, our favorite Eurovision contestant whose name reminds us of Vaseline, has released the video for his new single “Una Parte Di Me.” The single hits stores on October 22.

It’s total popera, y’all. If the thought of the De Beers Diamond commercial re-mixed makes you ill, then you probably won’t like this song. It’s like Swan Lake on acid, or the Nutcracker on crack.

Fortunately I know that lots of y’all follow Amaury not for his music but for his look. He’s a lot thinner than Pavarotti, and a lot more stylish than Domingo. He looks totally haute couture in this video which is heavy on the vistas, snow and tailored black jackets. He’s grown facial hair in an effort to look more masculine. It’s pretty hot, and we totally applaud him for taking off his shirt, even if we can’t see any nipple.

Do you like Amaury’s new song? And can someone please explain what all the hype about his ESC 2011 song “Sognu” was about?