Miss Kejsi Tola—the young lass who stood on a wind machine while wearing a pink tutu at Eurovision 2009—is back. Or at least she wants to be. The 20-year old who placed 17th in Moscow is one of 29 singers competing in this year’s Festivali i këngës, the Albanian national selection.

Kejsi’s number “Carry Me In Your Dreams” was one of the campest dance numbers ever staged at Eurovision. We loved the line “No no never let go/ Wonder of love/ Magical glow.” And we cannot stop thinking about the moment at 2:34 where she shakes her hips to that intoxicating bridge.

Kejsi will fight it out with Anjeza Shahini, who placed seventh at Eurovision 2004 with the song “The Image of You.” It was chirpy and happy and totally made us forget about her nasty dress.

Here’s the complete list of finalists. The Albanian national final takes place on December 20 and 21.

1. Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko
2. Adrian Bujupi
3. Ani Çuedari
4. Anjeza Shahini 
5. Arjan Dredhasi
6. Arjela Krasniqi
7. Bojken Lako
8. Bon Bon Band
9. Dr. Flori & Fabi
10. Elis Nova
11. Entela Zhula
12. Flaka Krelani
13. Grupi ‘Na’
14. Hersi Matmuja
15. Kejsi Tola
16. Kelly
17. Kozma Dushi
18. Lynx
19. Marsela Çibukaj
20. Merland Kademi
21. Rezarta Smaja
22. Rosela Gjylbegu
23. Selami Kolonja
24. Valon Shehu
25. Vesa Luma
26. Xheni & Enxhi Kumrija

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11 years ago

Kejsi is just awesome wish she would release more music.