Junior Eurovision 2012 is still a few weeks away, but if our prediction poll has it right then the contest is already decided. That’s because after three weeks and more than 200 votes, Israel’s Kids.il are the clear front-runners.

The group, who are singing “Let the Music Win,” have amassed nearly 40% of all votes. That puts them light years ahead of Russia’s Lerika, who sits in second with around 18%. Lerika is currently in first place with the Wiwi Jury, but we have not yet reviewed Israel’s entry.

This poll closes on November 30. You can vote by clicking here.

Current results

1. Israel: Kids.il with “Let the Music Win”: 84 votes, 39.81%
2. Russia: Lerika with “Sensatsiya” (Sensation): 37, 17.54%
3. The Netherlands: Femke Meines with “Tik Tak Tik”: 18, 8.53%
4. Sweden: Lova Sonnerbo with “Mitt mod” (My courage): 16, 7.58%
5. Azerbaijan: Suada Alakbarova & Omar Sultanov with “Girls and Boys”: 11, 5.21%
5. Belgium: Fabian with “Abracadabra”: 11, 5.21%
5. Georgia: The Funkids with “Funky Lemonade”: 11, 5.21%
5. Ukraine: Anastasiya Petryk with “Nebo” (The Sky): 11, 5.21%
9. Armenia: Compass Band with “Sweetie Baby”: 5, 2.37%
10. Albania: Igzidora Gjeta with “Kam Një Këngë Vetëm Për Ju” (I have a song just for you): 3, 1.42%
11. Moldova: Denis Midone with “Toate vor fi” (All will be): 3, 1.42%
12. Belarus: Egor Zheshko with “A more-more” (O sea, sea): 1, 0.47%

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