By now you’ve all heard that El Sueño De Morfeo will represent Spain at ESC 2013. But have any of you outside of Spain ever heard any of their songs?

We didn’t think so. So it’s time to listen to the group’s four singles that have hit #1 on the Spanish charts. Unfortunately, all the chart-topping success appears to have taken place from 2005 to 2006.

Have a listen and let us know if you like their sound! Can they repeat Pastora Soler’s success with the right song?

“Nunca volverá” (2005):

“1+1 son 7” (2005):

“Tómate la vida” (2006) sounds like a cover of “I Will Survive”:

“Déjame Verte” (2006):

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9 years ago

I really like the idea of a Celtic-influenced band in Eurovision…pity Ireland didn’t try that trick again…then maybe we might actually win again!!