In leaner times governments don’t want to host Eurovision. Fair enough. But it’s a step too far for those governments to force their state broadcasters to sabotage the nation’s chances by selecting sub-par acts.

That seems to be the logic RTCG, Montenegro’s state broadcaster, deployed when choosing hip-hop group Who See as their contestants for Eurovision 2013. The hip-hop duo consists of two “singers” named Dedduh and Noyz, the latter of which lives up to his name by producing a lot of it.

Let’s have a listen.

“Put Pasat” (Pass the Road):

“S kintom tanki” (Low on Cash):

Okay, yuck. Well-produced hip-hop is great—but it takes a really talented artist to make it appeal to the masses. Countries who field hip-hop groups always do poorly. Just look at the first semi-final from Eurovision 2012. The Trackshittaz from Austria finished 18th out of 18 with “Woki mit deim Popo.” And Rambo Amadeus—the comedian who thought it would be a good idea to rap about the euro zone crisis—finished 15th. He represented Montenegro.

Who See won’t reveal their song until the new year, so we can’t gage their chances just yet. But do you think hip-hop can make the final? Why would Montenegro go with another hip-hop-esque song for a second straight year?

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I really hope they’re somewhere in the middle of their semi-final, I’m always looking for a good time to have a piss.

David Thielen

They definitely will feel no pressure. When you know you’re not going to make it out of the semi-final, you can just go and have a good time.

Gavin Brockwell

So if you were producing the contest where would you put an act like this… Place 2 would be the obvious, but I’m sure it would turn viewers off… So 16th or somewhere just after the interval… Not a big fan of hip hop. Can’t see hip hop winning