Zlata Ognevich has finally won the right to represent Ukraine at Eurovision. It’s been a long time coming.

Zlata first entered the Ukrainian national selection in 2010 with the song “Tiny Island.” Then just 24 years old, she allowed her choreographer to give her back-up dancers large feathered props. As they shook in the opening bars you got the strange sense that Denmark’s Drama Queen was going to pop out. Anyway, she was already rocking the all-white look which we fell in love with in 2012. Her song showcased her power. But unfortunately she sounded breathy and out-of-tune in the lower register.

Zlata finished fifth. Alyosha, Ukraine’s representative that year, went on to finish 10th at Eurovision with her song about the forthcoming nuclear winter.

Her debut in the contest left her craving more. So the following year she re-entered the national selection with the new-age-sounding “Kukushka”. Taking a note from Ukrainian Eurovision greats like Svetlana Loboda, she decided to go for gimmick. She wore a sultrier outfit, made lots of bird noises, and cranked up her dry ice machine.

Miraculously she finished second behind Mika Newton at the sand woman. Mika went on to finish fourth at Eurovision.

Things finally came together this December when Zlata entered the national selection with “Gravity.” She looked amazing in her white dress and she definitely had the best voice. She also pared back the staging. Rather than having annoying back-up dancers as in 2010, she made it all about her and her beautiful voice. We can’t wait to see how she does in this year’s search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model!

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John Browdy
John Browdy
11 years ago

she the best