Loreen may be Sweden’s national treasure, but this gem is ready to sparkle abroad. Rather than ringing in the New Year in Stockholm or crime-ridden Malmoe, Loreen decided to perform in front of the Brandenburg Gate. Can you blame her? There are way more consumers in Germany, y’all.

Um, maybe it was the cold weather or the ugly ferris wheel she had to stare at, but Loreen sounds kind of pitchy and breathy at the beginning. But I love how she is mixing it up and giving us a bit of variation. Alexander Rybak never really got that memo, and many former fans now want to cut the strings on his fiddle.

Anyway, bless Loreen. She was probably still recovering from her New Year’s Eve celebrations in China. That’s right. Miss Tahaloui performed yet another version of “Euphoria” out east. Cheers to making some renminbi!