Norway sent through three male acts during the first semi-final of Norsk Melodi Grand Prix last week. But this week Margaret Berger, Fjellfolk and Annsofi proved that estrogen can also light Norway’s fire!

Margaret Berger, who sounds a lot like Swedish pop star Robyn, won the second semi-final with her song “Feed You My Love”. If a man sang that we’d all be saying “that sounds nasty”! Thankfully she’s a lady—and what a lady she is. From her cleavage to her voice to her hip-hugging hour-glass dress to her pouts to the camera, she was working her femininity. I like how she’s taken a cue from young Anastasiya Petryk and changed the mood of her act with some nifty camera effects (hello grey face!) during the bridge.

Margaret Berger with “Feed You My Love”

Second place went to Fjellfolk with “Ulvetuva”. Helga Jacobsen, the group’s lead vocalist, chose a great bronzer that made me think she was Brazilian for a split second. The group has gone for a traditional-feeling folk song. I feel like I’m worshiping the animal spirits in a fjord, y’all! I don’t see this winning MGP, but it’s nice to bring a different texture and sound to the final. 

Fjellfolk with “Ulvetuva”

From the moment you hear the fiddle you should realize that Alexander Rybak wrote this. Young Annsofi delivers a clichéd ballad with absolute conviction. Perhaps she should go into acting. Great voice, mediocre song. Pure filler for the final. P.S. I preferred it when Avril Lavigne sang “I’m With You.” THAT was good.

Annsofi with “I’m With You”

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8 years ago

“Feed You My Love” has a very contemporary pop/rock sound, nicely balanced to appeal to little monsters and their parents alike. Margaret Berger delivers it well and looks good into the bargain. I do feel that it needs a bit more magic to make a lasting impression, but it does set a high bar for the contest. “Ulvetuva” is easily my favourite however, with so much more to delight the ear and engage the listener. Even if it doesn’t seem like a safe pick, it is just too gorgeous. Maybe it’s too subtle for the casual viewer, but maybe not,… Read more »

Bogdan Honciuc
8 years ago

I see Margaret Berger winning Eurovision with “Feed You My Love”, at this point. Let’s hope she makes it to Malmö!