Androgynous rocker Yohio and former High School Musical star David Lindgren have come out on top in a rather crap semi-final.

Lindgren opened the show with his number “Skyline”. It’s got the same happy-clappy dance vibe of his song “Shout It Out” from last year. But it doesn’t make me want to get up as much as his effort in 2012. The dancing is good as you’d expect, but the bridge is seriously lame. They take off his bow tie and start to undress him only to redress him before we see any flesh. #fail. He doesn’t appear to actually have an ass, so I need to confirm if this is the case or just an effect of his parachute pants.

Yohio, on the other hand, totally exceeded my expectations with his song “Heartbreak Hotel”. He has a rather sultry voice, which I didn’t expect when I saw him walk out with pink-tipped hair and wearing white denim. He’s very young, but he’s already a pop icon in Japan. So I guess that explains how he was totes confident on that stage. Werq. It.

Cookies N Beans earned a spot in the Second Chance round with the song “Burning Flags”. Two points. First, if you look at this group, you can spot who eats the cookies and who eats the beans. I need less cookie in my life and more beans. Hit the treadmill, sister! Second, I found it weird that a song about burning flags did not actually feature any burning flags on stage. Can we get the producer on the phone please?

The other singer advancing to the Second Chance Round is Eric Gadd with the song “Vi Kommer Aldrig Att Förlora”. I got bored after five minutes so went to the toilet, so I can’t actually judge it.

What do you think? Did the right songs go through? Let us know below!

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8 years ago

My favourite here is “Burning Flags.” It is a great song, thoughtfully arranged and delivered. Hooray for second chances.
“Skyline” is also a good song, in addition to being a sharp dance act.
“Heartbreak Hotel” has a simplistic and dated feel, but YOHIO sells it quite well.

8 years ago

I love David’s song! It really makes me wanna dance, and I hate dancing.

8 years ago

Kind of disapointed with the show tonight. Not even Dannys light up suit brought a smile to my face. I remeber when their would be 5 or 6 really good songs in a heat, i cant say their was 1 i thought was good tonight. Was it more about the hosts than the actual contest tonight?

I might have to change my country aligence after tonights heat. Hmmmm… German or Romania me thinks…. unless UK lets me have a vote again and gives us decent songs.