If there’s any band that gets it, it’s Compact Disco. They have a great sound and cool image, and unlike so many of the world’s disposable pop stars, they put thought into everything they front. That includes their band font, insignia, track titles, styling and artwork. Next week, they release their fourth single “Fly With You”, from their repackaged second album “Two Point Five”.

This album deserves unending praise. They fuse rock, pop and sometimes electronica in what is a winning and triumphant formula. As radio cuts, all 14 tracks are great. The opening track “Feel The Rain” became a domestic hit last year. Some of the other singles have been given a club makeover with remix bundles. The ESC hit “Sound Of Our Hearts” was released as a single with 10 different versions. This was a Hungarian Number One and one 2012’s best selling singles. My favourite track on the album, “I’m In Love”, served as a follow up single later in the year. It’s simply euphoric, day or night, and this is one of those rare tracks that fits most moods.

Watch the official video of ‘Fly With You’:

It should come as no surprise that the album sessions generated many songs that could probably fill a triple album. There are no fillers here. Every track works. Every track oozes sophistication. Even the pretentious title can be forgiven. Two was the title of their second album. Instead of branding its re-release as a deluxe/extended package with bonus tracks, they simply baptised it as “Two Point Five”. Ingenious, but that’s Compact Disco for you.

Rating: 4.5/5.0