Marco Mengoni, the winner of the third season of Italy’s X Factor, has come out on top again. The 24-year-old won last night’s Sanremo 2013 singing contest, and was named Italy’s contestant for ESC 2013.

Singing “L’essenziale”, Marco proved that he has what it takes to keep Italy’s Eurovision fire burning. Since returning to Eurovision in 2011, Italy has placed second and ninth. Although the song he will sing for Eurovision is yet to be confirmed, we’re betting that Marco will keep Rome in the Top 10 for a third straight year.

Get acquainted withe Marco’s greatest hits below!

Marco performs “L’essenziale”, which won Sanremo 2013:

Marco’s official video for “In Un Giorno Qualunque”:

Marco performs live at the Concerte di Natale:

Marco sings Prince’s “Kiss” during the final of Italy’s X Factor:

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10 years ago

He’s great! Please tell me he’s gay…