If Wiwi’s readers have their way, then Alex Leon & Giorgina will win Ellinikos Telikos 2013—the Greek national selection.

The duo earned 37.26% of all votes in our poll for their song “Angel”. The song manages to blend ballad, dance and folk-pop in a way only a Greek artist could. wiwibloggs loves the mix, the voice and the energy. Do you think that Greece will agree? Let us know below!

Poll results

1. “Angel” — Alex Leon & Giorgina: 288 votes, 37.26%
2. “One Last Kiss” — Thomai Apergi: 218, votes 28.2%
3. “Alcohol Is Free” — Koza Mostra & Agathonas Iakovidis: 174 votes, 22.51%
4. “Hilies Kai Mia Nychtes” — Aggeliki Iliadi: 93 votes, 12.03%