Mother Russia has closed her eyes, thought long and hard and decided to send Dina Garipova to Eurovision. That may smack of Soviet authoritarianism, but officials are keen to stress the public already gave her their stamp of approval. Dina earned 54% of the tele-vote during the final of Russia’s The Voice last December.

Russians approve, but do you? Let’s listen to her singing live…

Dina performs Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of an Angel” on Russia’s “The Voice”:

She can twist her tongue in all sorts of ways. Here she takes on an Edith Piaf classic “Non, je ne regrette rien”

Dina covers Sirusho’s “Qele-Qele”. Her voice is a tad deeper than her Armenian counterpart, but we like her digitally re-mastered voice anyway:

We’re less keen on her cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. Even though this is obviously doctored sound, something sounds off…Let’s hope her voice fits her ESC song a bit better.

Dina will reveal her Eurovision entry “What If” in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

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11 years ago

Crossing my fingers for a massive Ballard… Pleeeeese Russia. Really nice voice.

11 years ago

Wow! beautiful voice……she sounds like good american singer. Dina would go far with a nice ballad at Malmo!….