Italian Stallion Marco Mengoni—Italy’s contestant for Eurovision 2013—has already won plaudits from Team Wiwi for his silky voice and well-manicured facial hair. Now we have even more reason to applaud him. As it turns out, this stud has had to battle his food demons to overcome obesity.

It’s hard to get a definitive account of his weight loss, but one thing is certain: That collar bone wasn’t always so prominent. In 2010 Italian tabloid “Domenica 5” dug up a photo of Marco from 2007, and claimed he had shed around 100 pounds in three years. Here’s the stunning side-by-side comparison they published.

This photograph, published on the official web site of the Italian X Factor sometime in 2009, shows Marco after the fat but before the sunken cheeks:

Does anyone out there in Italy know the secrets to Marco’s weight loss? Do you prefer him with some meat on his bones, or are you into this whole emaciated thing? Do you think he has a shot at winning our annual search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model? Let us know in the comments box below!