Last night the Wiwi Jury flew to Stockholm to listen to Sean Banan sing about a beach in Brazil. Did the song fill us with the warmth of Copacabana? Or were we left wanting to throw him in the ocean? Read on to find out…

Deban: Dreadful! How this track made it to the top of the Swedish Charts beggars belief. The taste level just isn’t there! This earsore is a lethal combination of Verka Serduchka’s Dancing Lasha Tumbai (Ukraine, 2007) and Rudolfo Chickilicuatre (Spain, 2008). Totally gimmicky. This fully represents what the sophisticated mainstream hate about Eurovision. Even if this wins MF (It’s most likely going to), Sean Banan would have to distance himself from it if he expects to be taken seriously by the music industry. I refuse to pander to popular taste that holds no merits. That’s what juries are there for.

Score: 3/10

HK Dick: If I need a little cheering up then I slip on a bit of Sean Banan. He is clearly having a wonderful time and would be great to go partying with. I love the costumes changes, the audience interaction (and gay dads) and the summer party tune. Showmanship alone though doesn’t win prizes – as much I feel his enthusiasm I just can’t see this winning. It sounds vocally weak during the chorus. Last year’s song was better and I eagerly await to see what he comes up with in 2014.

Score: 7/10

Mr Häggkvist: I don’t love this song but I don’t hate it either…to it me is really forgettable. I can’t perceive a single quality and catchy thing in all of this… and it just work for Sweden. I don’t think anybody outside Sweden would get anything from it. This is Swedish humor, Swedish characters and can anybody imagine this in Eurovision?… the “Sean den Förste Banan” from last year was so much better than this Swedish/Brazilian stand up act.

Score: 4/10

Vebooboo: Sorry, but this guy just needs to go. That a song like this made it through to the Final instead of one like Behrang Miri’s is just a crime…to the magnitude of a public stoning in the centre of Malmo (which will likely happen during Eurovision week).  Sean is ugly, he wears horrible clothes, and he cannot sing.  So where the appeal is is simply beyond me. But I suppose Sweden is set on losing this year, so good for them.

Score: 2/10

Wiwi: I like the opening electro-riff…and that’s about it. Perhaps it’s all lost in translation but I don’t find Sean at all entertaining, and this song isn’t even that catchy. It’s a bit indulgent to build an entire song around his name. That gimmick may have been enough to get him to the final, but it shouldn’t be enough to get him to Malmö. 

Score: 2/10

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 3.6

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9 years ago

Not the best song, but has an entertaining performance.
However, Robin is my winner whatever happens tonight.

9 years ago

It will definitely make a complete mockery of Loreen’s well-deserved Eurovision victory last year, if Sean Banan ends up winning Melodifestivalen 2013.

“Copacabana” probably isn’t as good as last year’s entry, but Sean managed to do what he failed to do last year and reach the Melodifestivalen final, having agonisingly missed out during Andra Chansen in 2012.

9 years ago

I can understand why Swedish speakers would download this, or Ravaillacz for that matter. Joke songs are fun in the right setting.

But reduced staging options, foreign-language listeners, no audience confederates, and probably removal of the Turkish blackout gag at least, and one starts to get a picture of how much worse this could become as a Eurovision entry.
Only gaudy colours and a terrible racket remain.

A music video would be funnier and probably better publicity from here on.

Gavin Brockwell
9 years ago

Basically if he picks his nose on screen one more time in his joke effort I will throw up. Dam the song for being catchy. I was humming it while on the way to catch a train. NOOOOOoooooo….. It’s bad. I don’t find it entertaining to watch. My friend who was not a fan but who I have convinced that their are some good songs that miss out on Eurovision and has been really livin some of the links I sent him saw this and just said ‘well that’s eurovision’ an that’s why I don’t watch. Thanks Sweden. You set… Read more »