If Wiwi’s readers have it right then Shany Zamir will represent Israel in Malmö. The “Forever” singer earned 19% of all votes in our poll, inching her ahead of runners-up Judah Gavra (“Hayom”) and Moran Mazor (“Rak bishvilo”).

“Forever” is an electro floor-stomper sung in both English and Hebrew. Loreen’s victory with “Euphoria” in Baku seems to have given Europe a taste for dance. From Germany’s Cascada to Ireland’s Ryan Dolan, Eurovision voters are embracing dance this year.

Kathleen Reiter finished third in our poll with “Ad elay”. But she unexpectedly withdrew from the contest yesterday. Nikki Goldstein will take her place with the song “We Are One”.

What do you think of Shany’s song? Do you think she can win in Israel? And what do you think of the results below? Could anyone in the top 3 take it?

The predicted winner


1. Shany Zamir with “Forever” 27 18.88%
2. Judah Gavra with “Hayom” (Today) 24 16.78%
3. Kathleen Reiter with “Ad elay” 21 14.69%
3. Moran Mazor with “Rak bishvilo” (Just For Him) 18 12.59%
4. Meital De Razon & Asi Tal with “Toda La Noche” (All Night) 16 11.19%
5. Hila Ben David with “Beautiful” 11 7.69%
6. Moran Mazoz with “Ten li siman” (Give Me A Sign) 10 6.99%
7. Ron Weinreich with “Love Is One” 7 4.9%
8. Vladi Blayberg with “We Are Free” 5 3.5%
9. Ran Sandler with “Find A Way” 4 2.8%

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Howard Wachtel
10 years ago

The voters in this poll really missed the mark. Shany got 0 points from the Israeli jury. 2nd behind the winner Mazor was Ron Weinrich, who scores near the bottom in the above poll.

10 years ago

as for Kathleen Reiter, she could have won, but withdrew because she exposed conflict of interest amongst the judging panel (judges that have business ties to some contstants), knowing it would be almost impossible to win.
her song was better than all songs there!

10 years ago

Moran Mazor won the Kdam and will be respresenting Israel in ESC 2013 in Sweden

10 years ago

Kathleen Reiter is Out… kinda shady, i think her team was caught cheating, so she withdraw