Earlier this morning the Wiwi Jury made some ABBA mix tapes and headed to the Friends Arena in Stockholm. Robin Stjernberg kept shouting “You” and we were, like, “Us?” and he was like, “You oo oo ooo oo.” Anyway, to find out what we made of his pop serenade, read on…

Deban: Very Yoddle-esque, but then this is a European gig afterall. “You” is packed with extended notes and cracking key changes. It’s the ideal pop number for vocal gymnastics. Clearly his forte, Robin Stjernberg was runner-up on last year’s Swedish Idol and has a strong fan base. He can out-sing a lot emerging pop-stars, so it’s a little sad that this composition grapples with content. You is lame. It sort of tells a story, but the chorus doesn’t bind it sensibly. Each leap into the hook presents another opportunity to wail. It’s remarkable what Stjernberg can achieve with the power of his voice. Am I impressed? No. This is a bad song for good singers.

Score: 6.5/10

HK Dick: This feels like one of those songs we have heard at Melodifestivalen hundreds of times before. He’s a well groomed chappy. The song is lyrically bland and rather annoying after a while. I’m surprised it made it through Andra Chansen even though there wasn’t a lot to choose from. Last place beckons.

Score: 4/10

Mr Häggkvist: I do love this guy since Idol. He’s the biggest voice in this year’s competition, but I was expecting a strong ballad which is his strong point… so there are two things I don’t understand, the style of song he’s performing and his grey outfit. It’s a good song, but nothing exciting. I’m not crazy about “You”.

Score: 6/10

Vebooboo: Robin’s song is the bomb…but his voice is not. It cracks more times than the polar ice caps after Anton appears on the stage with a ton of hairspray and smoke. Robin isn’t a teen idol, but Robin minus 10kg might be. It’s a pity that he is pitted against two other young men in the competition, because he will simply melt away. He sings about the sky falling, and his chances of winning are about as likely.

Score: 5/10

Wiwi: Swedes gave this a second chance, and so have I. Watching this again I realize that it’s actually one of the better songs this year. The words may repeat, but this song builds continuously (unlike Ulrik Munther’s rather repetitive number). I think that Robin could be this year’s dark horse. Look for him to pull a Moniker—who also came from the second chance round back in 2011—and challenge for the title.

Score: 8/10

The Wiwi Jury Verdict: 5.9/10

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10 years ago

Love it. 10/10 I’m glad he won.

10 years ago

How about 10/10….
I think this is the only true Eurovision winner song this year.

10 years ago

Basically a vocalwnk rather than a song, but it carves out such nice melodic figures that I can overlook that detail. Unfortunately, every part skates so close to vocal disaster that the sound of its immanent collapse is nerve-wracking. Actual collapse is almost a relief. And that persistent, unsettling smile. What, is he a ventriloquist too? Is that why he appears surrounded by dummies? I sort of like the jacket, but it’s no substitute for actually having a clue about how to behave on stage. The hair just underlines how dire the situation really is. I like it in theory,… Read more »