Listening to Melodifestivalen host Gina Dirawi read out the televoting results during the final was seriously stressful. First we wondered whether Robin Stjernberg could hold on to the slight lead the jury gave him over Ulrik Munther. Then we wondered whether YOHIO would win the public vote by a big enough margin to undo the jury’s work.

Wiwibloggs shot the following video inside the Friends Arena as Gina made the announcement. You can see the contestants sitting in the green room at the bottom of the screen. From right to left the contestants are: Ulrik Munther, David Lindgren, State of Drama, Anton Ewald, Louise Hoffsten, Ralf Gylenhammar, Ravaillacz, Sean Banan, Robin Stjernberg and YOHIO. (They zigzag from right at top, to right at back…)

We felt kind of bad for David Lindgren and State of Drama, who earned just 2.6% and 3.7% of the public vote, respectively. You could tell they were disappointed from their body language. Combined that’s less than Ravaillacz who earned 6.7%. Ralf Gyllenhammar got 8.5%, Sean Banan 8.7%, Ulrik Munther 9.4%, Louise Hoffsten 10.4%, and Anton Ewald 12.5%. The drama really picked up at 3:33 when there were only two contestants left to receive points! Robin Stjernberg ended up with 15.8%, and YOHIO with 21.1%—not enough to catch Robin.

For the winning moment fast forward to 4:53.

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9 years ago

I wish they will replace him for YOHIO like Bulgaria did to kismet.