Emmelie de Forest is the favourite to win Eurovision. Now she’s a fashion icon, too. Okay, maybe not. But she has inspired these chic and stylish “Only Teardrops” t-shirts. All of you keen to support Denmark at Eurovision (or at your Eurovision block party) should visit the Generic Logo Company and snap up your Emmelie t-shirt, which comes in a variety of sizes and colours. You’ll get douze points from your Eurovision friends and will look amazing during Emmelie’s appearance in the first semi-final on May 14 and the grand finale on May 18. Not feeling Denmark? You can always buy one of the Bonnie Tyler t-shirts instead.

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11 years ago

Let’s have a Zlata Ognevich t-shirt with her head on a butterfly’s body. Or something with one of the unicorns from her video with her body levitating over it. haha. love her.