Carola was crowned Queen of Eurovision last week at Eurovision in Concert. But before this happy crowning, many fans had written the schlager singer off as a Gay Hater. But after years of anti-gay controversy (see our handy legend below), Carola is taking a big step forward at Eurovision this year by singing at the gay club Wonk.

One gay club appearance does not erase Carola’s past in everyone’s eyes. “We at QX still couldn’t have her at our Gaygalan,” says QX editor in chief Anders Ohrman. “I have a feeling that half the people would celebrate it and the other half would boo. In such a case, we would first have to sit down with her and do a big new interview with her about these questions. We have requested it a number of times, among others when it was 10 years after the first interview, but have not received a yes.”

Carola Skirt wing machineCarola really seems to be turning it all around, though. After flashing her lady business and belly in Amsterdam, the schlager queen wrote this on her website: “I am so thankful for receiving love and support from the fans, not least from my gay fans. Now finally it feels like we can draw a line through the old. A new time has begun…”

Carola won’t be the only one at Wonk in May. Loreen will be crab walking and female impersonator Charlotte Perrelli will be fighting with Carola over use of the wind machine. Hopefully everyone will wear appropriate attire this time!

What has done happened in the past:

1993: The start of it all. Carola was quoted as saying “society must give homos help and information so that they can break away from their abnormal position”.

2001: In an interview with LGBT magazine QX, Carola raised eyebrows by calling homosexuality unnatural. “I don’t have any homophobia, and my gay fans’ love is returned,” she said. “Of course, I have become a bit more open minded in my attitude towards homosexuals, but homosexuality for me will always be unnatural. I don’t believe homosexuality is an illness. But I know people who have become straight afterwards.”

2002: Carola apologises for her comments in QX and writes an open letter to QX readers asking Sweden’s homosexuals for forgiveness for the pain she caused with her speech.

2006: Carola avoids questions from a Gayradio reporter about her attitude towards gays, and after her MF win gives a special thanks to her gay fans from the stage during the official afterparty.

2008: Carola once again denies that she is homophobic. “I love all people. I love the gays. I’m not a homophobe in any way. We are here for music…and I feel love from very many gays”.

Source: Aftonbladet

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7 years ago

It is ok! i think everyone should get a second chance.A lot s of think changed from the time when she said it.I Believe that now she means it sincerly.Kisses for Carola!

7 years ago

Carola I like YOU!!!