Nikki—one-half of the duo that won Eurovision 2011 for Azerbaijan—isn’t running scared: She’s running straight into the arms of her fans all over London. On Saturday Deban Aderemi, a London-based correspondent for wiwibloggs, sang an impromptu duet with the Azeri singer inside The Village, a bar in Soho. Nikki was looking super fit and, despite having a cold, treated us to a soft reprise of her winning number. You can watch the new duo in action below.

Team Wiwi still have lots of videos to upload from last week’s Eurovision in Concert event in Amsterdam. And we’ve also got new footage (including a proper interview with Nikki) from yesterday’s London Eurovision Party coming to you in the days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned!

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8 years ago

ohhh very nice 🙂

8 years ago

Nikki? Deban stole the show 😛

8 years ago

<3 Nnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiigaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr <3

8 years ago

nikki you are so beautiful and talant girl